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Pyramid Diffuser

Pyramid Diffuser

Pyramid Diffuser Panel are made of high density glass fibre designed to provide scattered reflections for a diffused sound field. Pyramid panels break up flutter echo from flat surfaces to enhance music tone quality and speech intelligibility.


Pyramid Diffuser Panel is designed to fit into standard suspended ceiling grid or can be fixed to walls with brackets. Ideal for music rooms, performance halls, theatres where speech intelligibility and music tone quality is desirable.


Manufactured from high density alpha plaster reinforced with glass fibres..


Deeply profiled asymmetric reflective shape.

Helps create diffused sound field for music tone and speech clarity.

Designed as a lay in ceiling tile or can be fixed to walls.

Technical Specifications

Size (nominal)* Edge
100 x 600 x 600 mm E24

Sound Absorption Rating: per ASTM C423, E-200 *est.

Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
Diffusion ∂s 0.35 0.15 0.10 0.10 0.10
Accessibility: All panels are demountable and accessible.
Colour: Any colour fabric finishes available
Environmental impact: Manufactured locally, product and packaging can be recycled.
Fire Reaction: AS1530 pt 3. Smoke developed 1, spread of flame 0.
Humidity: Max 95% R/H at 30°C.
Light reflectance: ASTM C1477 LR-1, >75%
Maintenance: Clean with vacuum, soft brush or damp cloth.
Thermal Resistance: R 0.1 m²°C/W
Weight: 8 kg/m²
Installation Shall not commence until the building is water tight and dry. Lay panels into standard T24 two way exposed grid system with minimum of 200 mm plenum to allow for placement of panels, use hold down clips in seismic areas. Panels may be fixed to walls using brackets. Store panels on pallets in a clean dry place.