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Acoustical | Surfaces

Soundproofing Recording Studios, Theaters, Concert Halls, Home Theaters, Arenas, and Stadiums

Acoustical Surfaces specializes in designing and manufacturing noise control solutions for the entertainment industry. A space or venue with poorly designed acoustics quickly detracts from a musical performance and diminishes the enjoyment of audiences and spectators. During our many years of experience, we have designed acoustical systems for soundproofing recording studios, theaters, concert halls, home theaters, arenas, and stadiums.

We offer top-quality sound blocking, sound diffusion, and sound absorption products in many different options. Our product line includes acoustical panels, clouds and baffles and more. We can supply sound barriers and hardware for interior or exterior applications. Our products are Class A rated to meet fire codes and also meet LEED certification standards.

For complete acoustical systems that provide the best sound quality for entertainment applications, trust the experts at Acoustical Surfaces. The list above is just a sample of what we use to design and engineer a complete acoustical solution. Contact us for more details.

Entertainment Soundproofing Products

Sound Silencer Panels
Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels
Echo Eliminator
Spring Isolation Hangers
RSIC-1 Clips
Green Glue
Curve Panels
Pro Audio

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