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Soundproofing Classrooms and Educational Institutions

Studies have found that up to one-third of all students in traditional educational institutions are missing out on instruction due to poor speech intelligibility. Speech intelligibility is the degree to which speech is understood. The cement block walls commonly found in classrooms are not acoustically conducive to learning for many children. As a result, these children potentially miss between 30-40% of all verbal instruction. Improving classroom acoustics greatly improves the learning environment for all students, including special needs students.

As specialists in classroom acoustics, we understand and consider national ANSI standards when recommending solutions for classrooms. Our classroom noise reduction products offer the best in sound absorption qualities to create an environment for optimal speech intelligibility. We offer a number of choices for wall and ceiling panels, replacement drop-in ceiling tiles as well as hanging baffles and clouds. All of our classroom soundproofing products meet fire rating standards for schools. Designed especially for students, the Quiet Light and Talk Light stoplight device are a fun way to signal when a classroom noise reaches an unacceptable level.

With over 35 years of experience working with school systems to improve their classrooms, we are industry leaders in noise control products and know what classrooms need. The classroom noise reduction products above are just some examples of the high-quality acoustical components we use to improve communication within educational institutions. Contact us to learn more.

Educational Institutions Soundproofing Products

Echo Eliminator
Sound Silencer Panels
PVC Barriers
Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels
Curve Panels
Silk Metal

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