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Acoustical Panels generally refer to any specialized construction panel placed on a wall to absorb sound. Sound absorption is achieved through panel construction which includes an acoustical core and a fabric cover. Most are quite simple to install and can be cost effectively mounted using clip systems for permanent or semi-permanent installations. The highest level of sound absorption is achieved through fabric wrapped fiberglass panels that offer excellent noise control properties for a wide variety of applications.

We carry a variety of branded products to meet your needs. This allows us to design a system to match thickness, color, style, or pricing requirements. Our wide variety of high performance and custom manufactured options enable us to supply the right panel for effective noise control and sound absorption. Acoustical cores are made from fiberglass, polypropylene, cellulose, or foam to best meet the requirements of the application. Interested in custom graphics? The Poly Max™ line of panels can be manufactured to add beauty as well as functionality in spaces such as group housing, office environments, medical offices, and more. And if you’re in need of an acoustical panel for outdoor purposes, the Sound Silencer™ line should serve you well.

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