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Introducing the First Tri-Functional Acoustical Panel

Decorative Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Ceiling Clouds

  • High Performance
  • Architecturally Decorative
  • Custom Engineered & Manufactured
Product Testing & Information

CUSTOM Ceiling Clouds Reduce reflective Sounds in large open areas. Suspended horizontally from the ceiling. S.T.O.P. Ceiling Clouds effectively reduce reflected sound in large areas such as shopping malls, convention centers, theaters, and arenas. Custom sizes and shapes are available. Large sized clouds reinforced with tee bar stiffener/hangers.

Acoustical Hanging Cloud Built for maximum sound reduction, glass fiber cores with faces and edges wrapped in fabric or perforated vinyl are available in
Standard: 1″ & 2″ thickness
Optional: ½″, ¾″, 1 ½″ (minimum quantities may apply)
Acoustical Hanging Cloud Mounting Easy to install, the Ceiling Cloud is suspended horizontally with a clip/eyelet combination.
Ceiling Clouds have the same NRC rating as Ceiling Panels.

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